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Anonymous murmurs, "Nakakastress ba ang maging MMA student sa benilde?"

It depends. Kapag tinatamad ka gumawa ng plates, nakakastress. Pero pag nasa mood ka magpaka-artistic, hindi nakakastress. So it really depends on how much you love the course. :-) Masaya ang MMA (for my case) kasi I get to study what I love doing. :-)


If I am ignoring you, I apologize. I become distracted and will focus on one thing a while. Sometimes I’m just emotionally overwhelmed and I have to lay down for a while. I’m not ignoring you because it’s you it’s because life is distracting and hard and so sometimes I just need to stop talking to people and sometimes I do that suddenly.

I hate when you hear something you don’t want to and your stomach drops and you need to isolate yourself from everyone 

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Anonymous murmurs, "Hi! Could you give me any idea on what to do for a girl on Valentine's? I need something unique! I dont want that bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates haha. She is a painter and she loves reading books. Btw she's not my girlfriend. Thanks Pat! :)"

Do something handmade for her! Or anything personalized. It makes the gift even more special if you made her something with your own hands. :P

Anonymous murmurs, "Ate~ MMA or Animation in CSB? ((yung mas hindi stressful po haha))"

MMA! Both are stressful, all courses are stressful. But if you’re an artist and would want to broaden you skills as an artist, take up MMA. You’ll learn not only drawing but also other media that can be applied with art/design. Hehe and the population of MMA peeps compared to Animation peeps would explain why I chose MMA. :-)

You’re the most annoying person I could ever get annoyed with. You’re always mad, your “tampo” could go on for days. I wasn’t used to this because I used to be the one whose tampo went on for days (like, years ago) and I couldn’t bear dealing with a cold person for days. It’s just plain annoying. It consumes my supply of patience. But I couldn’t stay mad at you. You’re the most annoying yet you’re the one I couldn’t bear staying mad with for long. It’s crazy. We’d have long conversations that consist of arguing and nothing else, conversations where I could say the meanest things and hurt you emotionally. But all that anger can be gone in a minute, even in the middle of that heated argument. It’s that easy for me. And I wish it was that easy to make you feel that way too. I wish I could make you forget what we’re arguing about and just say I love you.

when i see my crush

when i see my crush

I may not have blogged a lot this year, but I was definitely taking note of the important dates of this pretty bittersweet year. Here are the top 12 moments of 2013 for me:

  1. January 10 - It’s my birthday, it’s automatically part of the top 10. Despite the fact that I spent most of this day alone (I went to the mall to have a mani-pedi session because I’m emo like that [since I just came from a heartbreak]), my beloved siblings and friends from YFC surprised me come night time. I don’t really get surprised a lot so this was truly memorable. :-)
  2. January 31 - It was my last day at Smart, and though it was kinda sad because I’ve already developed a certain bond with some of my officemates, I’m still happy because I wasn’t left unemployed - a boss from the company hired me to be the graphic/web designer of his upcoming pastry shop. The project’s now done and I’m so proud to see my work every time I pass by the kiosk in the mall :))
  3. February 14-15 - Parathrilla in Manila part 2. Yes, I spent Valentine’s Day stalking my favorite band for almost 10 hours in the hotel, was 5 feet away at least. Wasn’t able to take a photo with them but the fact that they either smiled or talked to me was enough. Then came the show next day. Best concert ever.
  4. February 25 - Enchanted Kingdom with the family! This has been a really memorable one for me since we don’t go far out anymore since we’re a really big family. I’m glad to have spent a day of fun with them and I’m definitely looking forward for more in the coming year. :-)
  5. April 2 - Not long after I finished my project with the pastry shop, I got hired by a cutesy coffee shop to be their artist - Cafe De Seoul. I’m still working for them now, as the head of the marketing and design. :-)
  6. April 6-7 - My first ever ILC experience. It was held in Marikina so I was able to attend despite having work. It was a life-changing conference, as this was the start of my acceptance of things that were happening to my life at that time. My life has been better ever since.
  7. May 12-13 - Chapter D’s (now Chapter A) summer youth camp. This was memorable because I was the team leader, meaning I had to lead my fellow YFCs in inviting fellow youth in joining. It was a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and acceptance of responsibilities, but it was all worth it because I’ve seen our new members actively participating and knowing Him better.
  8. July 6 - This just might be the most important date this year has given me, next to my birthday. This day, I’ve proved that I’m still possible to be loved, that someone out there was ready to make me feel that I am special. Paul. :-)
  9. August 24-25 - Bazooka Rocks 2! I think this will become a tradition, unless BRF 3 gets bands that I don’t really like. I joined a meet and greet contest again and thanks to my beloved friends (and acquaintances on Facebook and all the people I pleaded to vote for me), I won. On these days, I met 3 of my favorite bands: Tonight Alive, A Rocket To The Moon, and ALL TIME LOW. 
  10. October 18-20 - I have never experienced “bonding” with the family of my boyfriend this long. I’ve also never experienced being with my special someone for 3 consecutive days, so this was definitely one for the books. It was thrilling and fulfilling, more so because it was a getaway that’s been approved by my parents! Hahaha. :-)
  11. December 3 - I love giving surprises, and this might just be the biggest surprise I’ve given to someone. I went all the way to Bulacan to give Paul a surprise birthday salubong - yes, that’s surprising him with myself carrying a birthday cake infront of him at 12 midnight. I can still remember the smile on his face. Priceless and I know it was all worth it. :-)
  12. December 9 - This was the day when I started to chase for a dream I never thought of wanting. It was a dream I once rejected because I thought I wasn’t interested, simply because it wasn’t connected to the arts. But then, maybe some things are really meant for you no matter how much you reject it. True enough, I went one step closer to my dream after this day. :-) (Not spilling the beans yet because I don’t wanna jinx it lol)

I can’t believe 2013’s coming to an end in less than 6 hours! This year has been a whirlwind - a lot of good and bad moments, but I wanted to focus on the good ones so I blogged about it. For 2014, I only have 2 wishes: a happy heart and for item #12 to push through ‘til I get it.

As for the resolutions, I haven’t thought of any. I doubt I’ll achieve them all anyway. Hahaha! Here’s to a better 2014 and I hope you guys enjoy the feast later! *\o/* 

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