27th Aug 2014


Wow, it’s been a while. 

Anonymous asked: Do you listen to bands with unnecessary screaming in most of their songs?

Well I’ve been listening to Pierce The Veil quite recently…

Anonymous asked: What other bands do you listen to aside from bands you already mention on the blogger?

Hmmm I haven’t added new bands to my list but I’ve been listening to One Direction and 5SOS lately wahahaha

Anonymous asked: May times ba na kahit gustong gusto mo yung course mo, tinatamad ka pa rin gumawa ng plates? Ganun kasi ako. Btw, I’m an architecture student.

Oo naman. Kahit naman anong course mo may times talaga na sobrang wala ka sa mood. That’s normal! Pero kung napapadalas na…eh you might have to think twice. Baka di pala yun ang passion mo :-)

Anonymous asked: Ate pat san po nkabili ng murang tix para sa bazooka rocks? :( pls pa help

I’m sorry, I don’t know :-( Di kasi ako manonood this year.

Anonymous asked: Have you met Von Pessumal before?


24th Aug 2014
"You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life."
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24th Aug 2014

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24th Aug 2014


Try to remember everything you love about them when you’re mad.

16th Jul 2014
16th Jul 2014
kudou-kun:000035 by (akaballoon)

kudou-kun:000035 by (akaballoon)

15th Jul 2014

By: lurkhard1
13th Jul 2014

The First Flight

Hello! It’s been a really long time since I last blogged about life and it’s pretty funny because A LOT of things have actually changed since I last wrote here.

Anyway, to start things, I wanna share that I am now - though not officially because I haven’t gotten my license yet - a flight attendant! Surprising, right?! Who would have thought? I didn’t. It wasn’t my dream but I’m now here. So let me tell you how it all started.

It was mid-2013 when my best friends asked me to go with them and apply in different airlines. I wasn’t really interested because you all know what I am right? An artist. I wanted to design stuff and not separate myself from what I learned in college. So I shrugged off the idea of becoming a flight attendant.

However, early December 2013, something inside me made me think of trying my luck and apply as a flight attendant. I had my full body, half body, and 2x2 pictures taken and the following day, I found myself in PAL’s office with 20+ other aspiring flight attendants. I told myself it was all for fun and that if I don’t get in, it’s okay. But then, something surprising happened: I actually passed PAL’s screening and was one step closer to being an FA! It’s funny and awesome at the same time. I wasn’t expecting anything but there I was - I actually had the qualities of an FA for PAL. I don’t wanna get into the details but after that, I just went to have my screening with PAL’s president, passed; had their knowledge exam, passed; I was also in the middle of the medical exam when…

…halfway through my PAL application (which took me 4 long months, ugh), I discovered that AirAsia was having an open day application for aspiring flight attendants on March 25. During that time, I was already at my peak of actually WANTING to be a flight attendant. Yes, I developed an intense ambition of becoming one when I tried searching for flight attendant blogs and read about their experiences in training and their flying lives. Since my PAL application was taking really long and I don’t wanna miss the opportunity, I applied in that open day. It was a tiring 2-day process and even during those days, I still wasn’t expecting high. There were a lot of pretty girls during that day and my self-esteem really went down when I saw them.

There were about 5 levels in the application process and each level meant tens and hundreds (even thousands) of aspirants slowly decreasing in number. There were one-on-one interviews, written exams, and talent portions (!!!). From 2,035 applicants, I was part of the 24 who got in and given the chance to train in Malaysia. It was amazing!!! The heat of the sun during application, the amount of time I spent just to complete all the requirements before application day (which was 1 week), the amount of effort I gave to learn how to do makeup - they all paid off. I did my medical exam with them and also passed.

There was one problem though: I had my PAL and AirAsia applications in the same timeline and I had to choose only one. It was really hard because I had my own pros and cons for both airlines. Honestly, I wanted to get PAL because of all the destinations they have. But then, in the morning of April 29, I got a call from PAL that I needed to repeat my urinalysis with them. It was impossible for me to do it immediately because of some girl issues so I thought I’ll just do it next Monday, May 5. It was all fine when during the same week, May 2, I got a call from AirAsia asking me to go to their office ASAP. Being the good girl that I was, I went to their office. And then the life-changing news struck me: they wanted me to go with the batch who will fly to Malaysia on May 6 for the training. May 6, which was 4 DAYS from that day. I was actually part of the batch who would have left last May 18 but they transferred me to the batch who will be training first. I had the chance to refuse the offer but I just took it.

And so, during the weekend, I had to shop for all the things that I needed to bring to Malaysia. I also had to make the most out of my last 4 days in the Philippines - which made me sad. It was my first time to leave the country and be away from my family and boyfriend that long, and I only had 4 days to get ready for that.

Yes, I was crying a few hours before my flight with my boyfriend beside me. It was hard, but it excited me too.

And then I thought of all the experiences I will be having for the next 2 months. Everything was new and it excited me. The thought of myself riding an airplane for the first time for the purpose of training to be a flight attendant was really funny - and it excited me.

10th Jul 2014

Anonymous said: Hi! Ano po bang requirement para maging CL or MCL sa Benilde? MMA din po ako. Thanks!

CL, MCL - as in Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude? I believe as long as na-meet mo yung grade requirements (3.650+ ata for MCL, 3.5+ for CL) and you don’t have failing marks AND a grade lower than 2.0, you can graduate with honors. I’m just not sure with the figures I mentioned but basically, ganyan. :-)

4th Jul 2014

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